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Sage: Fixing Busy Season

August 2020: Technology and public accounting industry experts from both BaCo Tech and Sage will explain the ideas typically blamed for busy season’s issues, reveal the true cause of it, and how it can be solved.


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Want BaCo Tech at your firm?

We are eager to help CPA firms implement our technology and start receiving better efficiencies and providing better services for their clients. Sign up today and receive a 2 month free trial access to our platform.


What We Do

BaCo Tech eliminates the redundancy a CPA firm experiences when preparing tax returns for their clients by automating the data gathering and account mapping on real-time basis, for every client of the CPA firm.

The Problem

Every year there are cumbersome tasks required by CPAs and their clients to gather financial data in a condensed amount of time. These tasks prevent both parties from doing their jobs effectively and efficiently, and overall, create a gap filled with uncertainty, stress, and strained relationships.

The Solution

BaCo Tech takes the difficulty of data gathering, translation, and reporting and automates it. BaCo Tech gathers client accounting data in real-time, out of their ERP, and delivers that information to the CPA in a consistent, easy to access format. This creates an efficient workflow for CPAs that helps them deliver a better, more proactive service to their clients.

How It Works

Proactive Reporting

Deliver a more valuable service to your clients by giving them accurate reports like income statements, balance sheets, and projected taxable income based on real-time, up-to-date information.

Effortless Access

One point of access for all of your client files, synced every night. No more emailed PDFs and Excel sheets, no more late data delivery. Get all of the info you need from your clients each and every day.

Easy Communication

Being on the same page with your clients will allow for easy, clear communication. Instead of long meetings and hundreds of emails, cleaning up client issues in real-time can be as easy as the click of a button or a phone call.

Searchable & Actionable Tasks

Syncing tax and accounting data overnight allows you to work on your client's data in real-time, through simple, actionable tasks that are searchable across multiple entities and all of your clients.

Eliminate Redundancy

Save time by eliminating repetitive work. Our platform can automatically adjust your accounting files with automatic or proposed adjustments prior to its posting when recurring changes need to be made.

Increase Profitability

By eliminating redundant and repetitive work from your workflow you will be able to run a more profitable and efficient service for your firm and clients.

What Clients Are Saying

No More Surprises

BaCo Tech has eliminated the headaches around tax filings for our company. My accounting team isn’t required to spend any time gathering and sending data, as their technology has automated the data gathering process. Any questions they do have about last year were not sprung on me right before the deadline, they were brought to my attention real-time and we were able to adapt as it happened.

Nick Bouras, Client User
CFO, All My Sons Moving & Storage

A New and Revolutionary Way

BaCo Tech has found a solution to the age-old problem of workflow compression… We are looking forward to utilizing this revolutionary concept to greatly enhance our productivity and client service!

Bob Wilson, CPA
Partner, EW Tax

A Game-Changer

We have been looking for a trial balance import software for quite some time. We are so excited about BacoTech and all the additional features, besides the trial balance, that it has to offer! This is a huge game-changer for us, not just for tax prep, but also for tax planning purposes. It's great to finally have a product built with tax professionals in mind!

Larissa Cooper, CPA
COO, Mod Ventures, LLC