How Once Can Impact Your Firm

Busy season can be a crazy time for most firms, but even after all the deadlines have passed, there are still plenty of challenges to tackle. Every year, business clients' needs seem to get more complex, and there's always pressure to offer more advisory services. On top of that, dealing with capacity issues and ineffective solutions can be a real headache. Luckily, Once Accounting Technologies has patented automation solutions that can help CPA firms innovate and improve their services while also overcoming capacity issues.

How we work: At Once Accounting Technology, we've built our system around "Accounting Lego" - the journal entry or transaction. Our automation solutions go beyond just static historic documents and trial balances and instead focus on building solutions at the accounting level. By doing this, we provide CPAs with access to the underlying data, which allows them to take full advantage of their clients' financial information.

By automating at the accounting level, our CPA firm users can get a better understanding of what's happening within their clients' businesses, which helps them provide effective solutions and insights. Once Accounting Technology offers innovative solutions that enable CPA firms to harness the full power of their clients' financial information. Accessing this information is becoming easier and easier with APIs and other cloud-based solutions.
By focusing on journal entries, we eliminate redundancy and inconsistency of data formatting because all accounting packages use the same format for debits and credits. This means that by automating at the data level, we can provide tools for firms that improve both their advisory and compliance services.

Embracing Automation: If CPA firms want to innovate and improve their services, embracing automation is critical. Automation can free up staff to focus on more strategic initiatives and higher-level tasks. By automating manual data entry tasks, firms can reduce errors, save time, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Once Accounting Technology provides automation tools that help CPA firms streamline the time they spend both gathering and examining data, and reduces manual data entry for much of the compliance process. By automating these tasks Once gives firms the opportunity to have staff focus on higher-level tasks that require critical thinking and analysis, all while reducing the risk of errors that can come in a high touch workflow.

Addressing Capacity: Partnering with Once Accounting Technology and focusing on automation tools can help CPA firms overcome capacity issues. By automating manual data entry tasks, firms can reduce the time and effort required to complete them, freeing up staff. This can lead to increased efficiency and improved productivity, allowing firms to take on more clients or services without increasing staff levels.
Once Accounting Technology also provides tools that allow firms to collaborate with their clients more effectively. By providing clients with real-time access to their financial information, firms can reduce the time and effort required to gather information and respond to client requests. This can improve client satisfaction, retention rates, and referrals.

Innovation is an ongoing process, and CPA firms should always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve their processes and services. By embracing new technologies and approaches, like Once, firms can stay ahead of the curve and continue to grow and succeed in the rapidly evolving accounting landscape. So, instead of viewing the end of the busy season as the end of the road, let's view it as a chance to start fresh and innovate.