Solving Busy Season

A one hour course, eligible for CPE, on accounting workflow issues and solutions

Our team has had the opportunity to talk with a lot of CPAs, and in these conversations, we have asked them - newly hired staff to seniors, managers, partners, and even workflow solution providers - the same question, “why is busy season busy?” Asking them to describe the central issue or item that caused all the stress and business. That resulted in a long list of culprits with very little consistency from one CPA to the next.

The actual list of reasons CPAs gave would consume the entire hour however not one CPA gave us the problem. They ultimately boil down to client issues, redundancy, time compression, and no centralized data source or format. But every excuse, every reason, every problem a CPA gave us is actually a symptom of that one problem. Even the AICPA only offered ways to deal with busy season, but never gave an answer as to why it's busy. It's as if busy season is like flu season without the flu vaccine, just deal with the symptoms because catching it is inevitable. 

Our CPE teaches you what that centralized issue is, how it can be fixed, and how you can solve busy season.


This course will demonstrate to attendees

  • the history of how the problem was identified and how it's applicable as it was designed by a practitioner in public accounting
  • the history of accounting platforms and the impact they have had on every CPA firms' workflow.
  • the central problem in every CPA firms' workflow
  • how it adversely impacts every CPA firm, creating every problem a CPA might provide
  • the single solution for that problem 
  • how it positively impacts the CPA firm, addressing if not eliminating every problem
  • how the solution can be harnessed to create efficient workflows but provide clients the actual things they want from their CPA (hint: It's not putting last year's numbers on a form)
  • a comparison of the current CPA workflow with this new methodology
  • how it can create a central access point for CPAs and actual opportunities to automate workflow and create efficiencies around reporting
  • what tools can be used to gather this information and what might be done to take advantage of it 
  • how BaCo Tech has harvested those items and how its patented technology could come at no additional cost to a CPA firm or their clients