How to Celebrate the End of Busy Season

Busy season is finally over for 2021! Congratulations for making it through. Whether you work in a small firm or a big one, you deserve to celebrate your accomplishments for this tax season. You and your employees should take some time off in the workday to do something fun or just take a break. So, we have a few ideas on how to celebrate the end of busy season! 


We know, this doesn’t sound too exciting, but we know CPAs (and especially those studying for their CPA exams) lose a lot of sleep during busy season. It’s important to get that time back, so go to bed early or take a nap on the weekend if you feel like it! You deserve to catch up on your sleep and relax a little bit.  

Make Plans with Friends and Family 

Another thing busy season is known for is taking time away from friends and family. You get stuck in the office for hours on end and sometimes sleep at the office, so you lose time you could spend with your family at the dinner table or with friends on the weekends. Now that you’re out of busy season, put some time on the calendar to hang out with your friends or plan a small family vacation.  

Celebrate with Coworkers 

You’ve spent many hours this busy season around your coworkers, but that wasn’t time spent getting to know them or having fun. Now that busy season is over, you can do that! Plan some time during the workday or after the workday to celebrate the end of busy season with your coworkers. The following are a few ways you can spend that time: 

  • A brewery: these are great places to kick back and relax while also socializing with your coworkers.  
  • Restaurant with a view: your employees deserve a little extra for their hard work this season, so an extravagant view is a great option. 
  • Bowling: This is a fun way to blow off steam post-tax season and spend time with those you work with.  

We’ll be relaxing before conference season kicks in, and we hope you will too! Remember, you deserve a break for all of the hard work you put in during this busy season, so spend some time alone or with others to celebrate your hard work! We all need a break sometimes. Don’t be afraid to take one for yourself now that busy season is over!