Why Once?

In the past few days, we announced that “Once” or “Once Accounting Technologies” will be the new name and face of our technology startup. This is a big change for us and it’s a big change to convey to the public, so we want to tell you why we picked the name, “Once.” We want you to know what it means to us and what it will come to mean for you in the accounting industry.  

How It Started 

Our founder and CEO of Once, Ford Baker, had his eye set on the “touch-it-once" philosophy years ago. The technology was born inside his CPA firm, the BaCo Group, and built during tax season to handle its workload. The redundant tasks CPAs must repeat, manually, year after year, Once Accounting does automatically and it does it once, meaning it is the end of those redundant manual tasks done year after year. It delivers on that promise because it has a different approach, focusing on accounting standards, not a balance. This tech makes “touch-it-once" possible for the accounting and tax industry; therefore, Once Accounting Technologies became the perfect descriptor of the product. 

Benefiting Clients 

“Once” has the capability of performing redundant tax actions once, forever. By implementing the Once workflow, clients can gather client accounting data, map client accounting data for tax returns, create book-to-tax adjustments, and consolidate client financials...once, forever. These many functions are the reason Once will be the go-to client integration platform for CPAs. 

The Details 

Along with the name “Once,” the highlighted “1” in our logo was created to call out the company’s capabilities even more, pointing out that it only takes one action to perform redundant tasks and that Once is the one and only client integration platform you’ll need to see everything all together in one place. 

We’re excited about the future of Once Accounting Technologies, and we hope you’re interested in finding out more about our technology. Contact our Sales Manager Terri Edmonds at [email protected] to schedule a demo with us. We’ll show you how the technology works and how it will improve the workflow at your firm.